Using The Connection System with PowerPoint for Word


How Do I Use the Connection System with PowerPoint for Word?


As recently announced on our news feed, PowerPoint has started having trouble using our products as OLE objects (our traditional double-click to edit system). Until Microsoft fixes the issue (unfortunately it is nothing to do with us), you might need to use the Connection system to get your graphics into PowerPoint.

The Connection System is basically a managed version of Copy and Paste where FX Draw, Graph or Stat store all the graphics for a PowerPoint presentation in one file located in the same location as the PowerPoint file.

1. Open your PowerPoint file and make sure it is saved somewhere. Our products use the PowerPoint file name to create an appropriate file name for their data.

2. Open the Efofex product, we will use FX Draw for this example.

3. In FX Draw, choose PowerPoint from the Connect list.

4. FX Draw will go into Connect mode and will save its diagrams in a file with a file name based on the PowerPoint file name. FX Draw will automatically manage this file – saving as it goes. The file will be stored in the same location as the PowerPoint file with and fxd extension added to the file name. Note the filmstrip at the bottom of the FX Draw page which allows you to select an image from the collection in the file.

5. Draw your diagram and press the green check mark. The image will be pasted into your PowerPoint presentation

6. To create a new diagram, press the Add Graphic to File button (or add a copy of the current graphic using the next button along)

7. To edit an existing diagram, select it and copy it to the clipboard. Then change focus to FX Draw. FX Draw will compare the graphic on the clipboard to the graphics it has on file and automatically select the best fit. After you have edited, click the green check mark and your graphic will be updated.

At all times, you are really just copying and pasting. The green tick and finding the right diagram in the file are just there to make things quicker. There is nothing to stop you copying and pasting all by yourself.

We have created a video showing the Connection system operating between FX Graph and Word. The principle remains the same however. You can view the video here.


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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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