Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees?

Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees?


Yes you can.

In the CURRENT (as at May 1, 2014) versions of our products you need to do this…

1. Select Degrees as the Angle Measurement (see below)

2. Press the Trig Graph button (see below). This turns on “trigonometric graphing” and FX Graph/Draw will look for “angle cues”.

2. Now set up you x maximum so that it has an “angle cue”. This is a value like 360 degrees or 720 degrees.

FX Graph/Draw will detect maxima such as 360 as angles and will add the degrees signs as shown above.


After reviewing your question, we have decided that in the current versions of the software, this has become too hard (it was actually a bit easier in FX Draw 3 and FX Graph 3). We know why this has happened – sometimes the automatic detection of angle cues was triggering unexpectedly (for example, someone might want a max of 90 outside of a trigonometric graph) – so WE made it harder to trigger.

Based on this decision, we have just implemented a new system. This will be available in the next release of FX Graph/Draw which will probably come out in the next week or so.

To trigger degrees signs in the new system, you just enter the x Max value as 360` (all Efofex products use the ` key to indicate degrees) and FX Graph/Draw will then:

1. Add degrees signs to the scale.
2. Automatically choose a scale that suits degrees (such as a tick mark every 30 degrees)

This seems more logical to us. It also means that you are no longer reliant on “angle cues”. You can now set x Maximum to anything and, by adding the ` you are forcing FX Graph/Draw to use degrees signs and suitable scales.

Thanks for your question. It will help make FX Graph/Draw better for everybody!


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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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