Why Can’t I Get My Groups to Start at 150?


I am trying to get the histogram groups to start at 150 but FX Stat seems to be ignoring me. I am using the new “Groups Start At” option.


As you noted, the “Groups Start At” option is new in the latest version of FX Stat. It has been added so that you can override FX Stat’s automatic grouping without manually grouping your data in the table. It was one of these “Why have we never done this before?” moments.

As a new feature, there are likely to be some issues arise. In this case, it is the histogram having trouble with the fact that you want the groups (and axes) to start at 150, but the data contains values less than this. The lowest value in the data set is actually 134.

We admit that the tool could probably handle this inconsistency better and we will schedule some time to have a look at it. The solution, however, is simple: Either remove the data points less than 150 or let the histogram start the groups at 130. Once the inconsistency is gone, FX Stat does what is expected.


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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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One Response to Why Can’t I Get My Groups to Start at 150?

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